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You Have 5 Minutes to Stop Bleeding and Save a Life. Every Day Responder has Partnered with STB to Get Life Saving Training out to Everyday People in Our Communities.

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Bleeding Control Kit, Trauma Kit, Gunshot Wound kit, 5.11, My Medic, Tourniquet, Chest Seals, Compressed Gauze, Z gauze, Israeli Bandage, Nasal Airways, TCCC, TECC
Bleeding Control Kit, First Aid Kit, Medical Trauma Kit, Public Access Kit, AED, Sop The Bleed, 5.11, My Medic, Tourniquet, Hemostatic Gauze, Roller Gauze, Gauze bandage, Gauze pads, TCCC, TECC
Off Shore Medical Kit, Travel Medical kit, Advanced Medical Kit, Physician Medical Kit, Doctor Bag
Off Shore Medical Kit, Travel Medical kit, Advanced Medical Kit, Physician Medical Kit
Off Shore Medical Kit, Travel Medical kit, Advanced Medical Kit, Physician Medical Kit
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Pro Pack Includes:
Boo-Boo Kit                     
Bleeding Control Module
Airway Module
Burn Module
Fracture Module
Laceration Kit
Diagnostic Kit, Comfort Kit, Field Guide
IV Start Kit
Hypothermia Module



Consultant Services include custom medical supply builds to serve your school or church's individualized needs. Community Protection and Response is at the core of our Mission!
Contact via to set up an initial consultation 

Basic Trauma Pack is currently or previously deployed on missions with individuals assigned within:


You're going to face adversity. It's not if - it's when. - Andre Ward


Every Day Responder is committed to ensuring that when you face adversity you have the tools to make a difference. 

Founding partners Dr. Alaina Hunt D.O. and Dan Hunt have a combined 30 plus years in the emergency medical and first responder fields. In 2017 after mourning with our entire country multiple mass casualty active shooter events, we felt the need to provide everyday people with proper and quality EMS tools to intervene and save a life when faced with a critical adverse situation. 


We experience life in pairs, groups of two or more. Each kit is equipped to treat two victims or one critical patient. One kit is needed for two friends hunting in the wild or two kits are needed for a family of four traveling the interstate to visit family.


Perfect for everyday carry in backpacks, diaper and child bags, or vehicles. Our product ensures that you will not need to resort to improvised tourniquets or bandages to stop your  friend or family member's uncontrolled bleeding.

Our company became officially associated with the Department of Homeland Security during the early days of the Stop the Bleed program. We have promoted and facilitated community education and have help fundraise for organizations to acquire needed supplies.

Our vision is to turn every household into everyday responders Every Day, to step up and step in before the arrival of EMS to provide life saving bleeding control.


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Interested in selling our product in your retail environment? Would you like a customized training session for your group, organization, or sales staff? Please contact us for further information on how we can help you meet your needs. Bulk rates available email us for more details.




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