• Dr. Alaina and Dan Hunt

Stress Test of our Tourniquet (generic emergency tourniquet)

It is good to test and retest equipment to maintain a high level of awareness. We decided to video our testing procedures last week to document the quality of this product. In this video and the two below this post, we put the tourniquet used in our packs and bags through various stress tests to show the physical durability of this piece of equipment. We tested six random tourniquets from our inventory and subjected all of them to multiple evolutions of the same tests. In real life a tourniquet is used once and disposed of. But we wanted to test these tourniquets over and over to see if we could cause failure from overuse.

Our company has worked closely with our medical manufacturer to create a generic tourniquet for our bags that is strong and effective. We have asked for thicker components from other models on the market and stronger wider internal bands.

As always we want to remind our customers to purchase additional tourniquets to train with or test keep the tourniquets packed in your bags for actual emergencies. Email us and we will get you set up with additional tourniquets for training.

In the near future we will be uploading tests conducted in mud and water as well as heat and sun exposure.

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