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Basic Trauma Pack

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Product Details

2 Emergency Tourniquets
2 4"x4 yards roller gauze cling
2 5x9 Absorbent Trauma Pads
2 Pairs of gloves 4 total
1 4x4 Hemostatic Gauze Pad
1 EMT Trauma Shear
1 LED Medical Penlight with LED work light and magnetic base
3 AAA Batteries
1 Permanent Marker
1 complimentary Stop the Bleed Field Guide

About This Item

  • Designed by an Emergency Physician with over 10 years Trauma Center Experience
  • In use by Law Enforcement, First Responders, Churches, Schools, Physician Offices, and Hospitals
  • Developed and Assembled in the USA by Every Day Responder a Mom and Pop Home Town Small Business
  • Supplies Selected Support the Skills of the Stop the Bleed Program

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Supply brands included in kits are subject to change based on market availability. All substitutions will be approved by our medical director. Email us if you have a particular brand preference, or to speak with Dr. Hunt

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